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If you are having trouble with extended periods of feeling downhearted and blue, it might be time to see your General Practitioner about getting a GP Mental Health Care Plan.

We understand that depression is a common mental health condition that affects many individuals living in Perth and the country. Depression symptoms can manifest differently for each person, but it often involves feeling persistently downhearted, experiencing a lack of interest or pleasure in daily activities, and struggling with overwhelming feelings of sadness or despair. 

Taking the First Step 

If you’re experiencing extended periods of feeling downhearted and blue, it’s important to take the first step toward seeking help. We encourage you to consult your General Practitioner about getting a GP Mental Health Care Plan. This plan can provide access to subsidised sessions with our lead psychologist, Colin Longworth, thanks to Medicare’s support for psychological services. 

What Depression Looks Like 

Depression can present with a variety of symptoms, including: 

  1. Persistent feelings of sadness or emptiness 
  2. Loss of interest in activities once enjoyed 
  3. Changes in appetite or weight 
  4. Sleep disturbances (insomnia or oversleeping) 
  5. Fatigue or loss of energy 
  6. Feelings of worthlessness or excessive guilt 
  7. Difficulty concentrating or making decisions 
  8. Thoughts of death or suicide
How to Help Depression with Treatment 

Psychological treatment options, such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), can be highly effective in managing depression. CBT helps you identify and challenge negative thought patterns, develop coping strategies, and regain a sense of control over your emotions. 

Additional Information 

For further insights into depression, consider exploring resources like Matthew Johnstone’s book, “I had a Black dog his name is Depression– It’s in dozens of libraries with one being animated and put onto Youtube by the World Health Organisation. (You can also buy his books from his website.)