Thanks to increased Medicare rebates from 1st July 2023 – Gap payments are reduced and your share of the total payment is reduced

Telehealth Medicare Services​

What it is – Telehealth is usually conducted via a Medicare referral from a
General Practitioner. (Currently this is limited to ten subsidised sessions
in a calendar year.) It involves using a computer with a camera, or a “Smart
Phone” so there can be both a video and sound connection to engage in the
therapy “online”.

Three steps:

  1. If you don’t already have a GP Mental Health care plan, you will need to speak to your medical practice about the availability of a phone (or in-person) consultation with a GP, to arrange for a GP Mental Health Care Plan. Telehealth Video Consultations (or telephone where access to video Telehealth is not available) are available with me for all clients over the age of 16.
  2. Once you have a GP Mental Health Care plan it can be faxed to me, with your Medicare Card details on (08) 9463 6378, or your GP can send it via Secure Messaging, via HEALTHLINK: hdpsycch

  3. Make a booking via my Booking Service on 1300 50 67 68, (Mon-Fri 8am-5pm) or use this link to HealthEngine

A form for your GP can be found here with my referral details.

Additional Information – Telehealth Medicare Services

Although Telehealth is usually used for those who are outside the metropolitan area, (so they don’t need to factor in long travel times), it can also be done via phone (i.e. audio only, but in that case for a Medicare rebate it needs to be at least 50 minutes.)

In addition,  Telehealth can also be used for those for whom it may be difficult to physically get to my office. (e.g. Because of distance, general mobility issues, need to rely on public transport, to get there, or need to isolate because of COVID-19.)

It can also be an option for those who feel they want to work with a mature aged gay male psychologist, who has experience working with one of my particular areas of experience, e.g. AOD issues, LGB related concerns, or DV.

That’s apart from any of the other common things client come to see me about. Like, Depression, Anxiety, and Stress. However, for any number of reasons (as suggested above) it may be impractical to get to my office during my consultation hours.

Admittedly Telehealth is not the same as an “in-person” consultation, but it can be more practical, than one where we are able to both be in the office together.

In terms of practicalities, I use an internet-based software program called that does not require the client to have any sort of special software. The client only needs a good internet connection either via their smartphone or computer.

Any available appointment can be used for Telehealth, I simply use the same appointment time for an online appointment instead of an in-person consultation.

Before starting the session, it will be necessary for the client to read through, sign and complete and return to me my “Telehealth Psychological Service Agreement”.

Please note: For Medicare purposes, both client and psychologist need to be in Australia. A more extended information sheet is available here.