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Grief, Loss & Change

Facing grief, loss, and unexpected changes is an inevitable part of life. Whether triggered by the passing of a loved one, job loss or other changes due to circumstances like COVID-19 or sudden life-altering events such as natural disasters or accidents, these experiences can profoundly impact individuals and families.

At Huntingdale Psychology, we understand that grief and loss can manifest in various forms, from the profound sorrow of losing a loved one to the upheaval caused by sudden changes in circumstances. Our psychologist, Colin Longworth, has personal and professional experience in navigating these challenges and provides compassionate support to individuals and families in Perth.

Are You Experiencing Grief, Loss, or Unexpected Changes?

  • Grief can be triggered by many different circumstances, such as:

    Death that comes without warning, e.g.

  • It could follow on from an ongoing illness;
  • Alternatively, death may follow an accident (i.e. is unexpected) or some sudden or unexpected health event, e.g. a Heart attack or Stroke;

It is not always a death that can “knock the wind out of your sails”, so to speak.

Other unexpected changes can be:

  • The loss of your job (e.g. in recent times as a result, directly or indirectly of COVID-19);
  • Without any (obvious to you) warning, your spouse leaves you;
  • Some sort of natural disaster, e.g. a fire or flood;
  • There are other significant or unexpected changes in your circumstances.

These experiences can leave you feeling adrift, withdrawn, or overwhelmed. While the initial support of family and friends can be comforting, there comes a point when speaking with a professional psychologist can provide valuable perspective and support.

Navigating Grief, Loss & Change with Professional Guidance

Huntingdale Psychology offers a safe and supportive environment for individuals seeking to cope with grief, loss, and life changes in Perth. Our psychologist understands the complexities of these experiences and provides personalised strategies to help you navigate challenging times.

How We Can Help:
  • Coping Strategies: We’ll work through effective coping mechanisms tailored to you and your situation.
  • Emotional Support: Receive compassionate guidance to process feelings of grief, loss, or uncertainty.
  • Acceptance and Adjustment: Explore ways to accept and adapt to changes while building mental resilience.
  • Psychologist’s Perspective: Discuss insight with a psychologist who can offer objective support and tools to facilitate healing.
  • If you’re struggling to cope with grief, loss, or unexpected changes, contact Huntingdale Psychology in Perth. We’re here to support you on your healing and personal growth journey.