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Professional Psychologist or Counselling Supervision​

Following recent training, I have been added to the list of AHPRA (Australian Health Professional Regulation Authority) list of psychologists able to provide supervision as part of the process to become a fully registered Psychologist. This is for those who have completed either a 4+2 or 5+1 internship – and are looking for either a principal and/or a secondary supervisor.

Those wishing to consider me for this sort of role should also look at the Psychology Board website at:

Anyone wanting to consider me as a possible primary or secondary Psychology Board supervisor, should also look around my website, to see if my experience and areas of professional experience are similar to your own work role and or aspirations. (e.g. I don’t see clients below 16 years of age.)

I can also provide supervision for other Psychologists or Counsellors wanting to explore issues or cases in professional supervision, particularly in areas I have experience. For example, working with; Tradies; Lesbian, Gay or Bisexual clients; Difficult workplace issues; AOD (Alcohol and Other Drug) concerns. 

As I say in a general information sheet (downloadable here) for potential supervisees:

I expect potential supervisees may seek me out because of my experience with; Blue-Collar males; Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual clients; Domestic Violence cases; Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) clients; Clients in difficult workplace scenarios, apart from more general experience.

Professional Psychologist or Counselling Supervision​