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Clinical Hypnotherapy

I have recently been trained in the practice of Clinical Hypnotherapy.

The Australian Psychological Society’s Clinical Hypnosis in Psychology, members group describes how Clinical Hypnotherapy ”…involves a state of focused attention accompanied by a deep state of relaxation within which people can often more easily absorb therapeutic ideas and suggestions to help the person develop new thoughts and behaviours to achieve their goals.”

I have used it to assist clients with sleep difficulties, smoking, dealing with memories they’d rather forget, amongst various other concerns.

This involves, broadly speaking three stages, firstly there is the initial induction, (into the relaxed hypnotic state).  Then we deal with the issue (or issues) you want to deal with (smoking, anxiety or whatever). Finally, I bring you out of the hypnotic state and back into the “here and now”.  Clients have reported that they found the practice quite relaxing as well as being therapeutic.

Clinical Hypnotherapy is a process that is quite different to stage hypnotism, which is a form of entertainment (and not something I engage in).

It should also be noted that Clinical Hypnotherapy, is not a case of “single session therapy”. Usually, this technique requires a number of sessions, preferably about weekly, to reinforce the suggestions made while in the hypnotic state.

While some clients are reluctant to engage in Clinical Hypnotherapy, I admit I’ve had clients who although initially reluctant, have gone on to become “sold” on the experience.