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Workers Compensation

From time to time, I receive referrals from GP’s for clients in relation to Workers Compensation cases. Alternatively, occasionally after seeing a client we conclude, it is really a Workers Compensation case. In either scenario, I see my role as assisting the client in their recovery.

My clinical notes are created as a prompt for the provision of therapeutic psychology and related services.

I am not a forensic psychologist and do not seek to provide services for medico-legal settings.

As such I now specifically advise new clients of this and that copying of documents and preparation of reports for that purpose will be charged at the current (hourly) Australian Psychological Society recommended rate. I acknowledge that clients may well sign an authority for a legal or another party to obtain copies of my notes, for legal or other related purposes.

Notwithstanding that clients will have given permission, I am reluctant to supply copies of my otherwise confidential notes to third parties.

I believe supplying information as requested (by the insurer or lawyer) has the potential to negatively impact the professional therapeutic relationship between the client and (myself) the psychologist. Both in the individual case and in society in general. As otherwise, the client (and other clients) may well not reveal relevant, sensitive information, for fear it may (at some time in the future) be disclosed to third parties.

For the reasons above, I would ask clients to have their lawyer or insurance company request a report, rather than copying of my file notes and other related documents. This takes into account that it could well take hours to copy a clients file, which could easily cost much more than me preparing a report.