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Gay and Lesbian Issues

Why might a Gay man or Lesbian see a Psychologist? (Either in-person or via Telehealth)

Some reasons could include:

  • Depression or Anxiety (often, though not always, a result of “less than equal” treatment)
  • Wanting to develop a Gay/Lesbian support network away from “the scene”?
  • Wanting to explore questions about “How will I meet Mr/Ms Right?”
  • Dealing with issues about discrimination or less than equal treatment
  • Feeling the need to hide who you really are in the workplace or other settings
  • Wanting to reduce internalized Homophobia or heterosexism
  • Feeling guilty about being Lesbian or Gay or that it’s “wrong”
  • Concerns about responses of family, friends, or your church to “coming out”
  • Conflicts between cultural or religious beliefs and homosexuality
  • More general fears about “coming out”
  • Social isolation from other Lesbians and Gay men
  • Alcohol or other drug addiction
  • Want to feel better about being Gay or Lesbian      

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