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Psychology & Counselling Services in Perth

Colin is a male psychologist, offering weekday, evening and Saturday morning bookings as well as Telehealth, with all covered by Medicare (with a GP referral). He also works with NDIS clients.

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About Colin

Colin Longworth is a psychologist who has been registered since 2008, having come to be a registered psychologist via what he sometimes calls a “Long and windy road”. Having studied as a mature-aged student, mainly while working full time in other settings. He is aware from his own experience of what it can be like trying to “juggle” various competing needs.

He says his interest in Psychology and counseling can be traced back to (amongst other things) what he calls his “benevolent curiosity”. Or a curiosity as to how an individual or couple came to be where they are now, in life and seeking some sort of assistance.

Psychologist Colin Longworth

Professional Interests

Apart from Depression, Anxiety and Stress, Colin focuses on a range of other areas of professional interest, including:

– Alcohol and other drugs
– Domestic violence
– Family of origin issues
– Grief, loss, and change
– Prepare/Enrich

Telehealth Services

Anyone in Australia with a GP Mental Health Care plan can make use of Medicare subsidized Telehealth sessions. All that is needed is a Smart Phone or a computer with good internet access and a Webcam.

At the present time those in the metro area, as well as those in country areas can access Telehealth Medicare services.

Gay & Lesbian Issues

– Feeling the need to hide who you really are in the workplace or other settings
– Wanting to reduce internalized Homophobia or heterosexism
Feeling guilty about being Lesbian or Gay or that it’s “wrong”
General fears about “coming out”

Workplace Issues


– Dealing with work-life balance (e.g. work and parenting/carer roles)
– Difficult working relationships with co-workers or bosses
Expected or unexpected unemployment, or underemployment
Dealing with “ism’s” (sexism, racism, heterosexism and or ageism).